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Our Property Management Services

Would you like to employ a property manager who knows what it’s like to own properties?  Someone who feels the pain of vacancies and maintenance costs?  Of course, you would, because a property manager who owns real estate will manage your properties more successfully than a manager who owns no property.  Why are we different than other property management companies in the area?

  • We own and manage properties in five counties.
  • We’ve owned and managed properties for more than 15 years.
  • All properties are treated equally and get the same treatment and attention as our own properties.
  • The contractors we use don’t know who owns the properties so they are all treated equally.
  • We care about minimizing vacancies by keeping a good rapport with current tenants and leasing properties as quickly as possible.
  • Vacancy is lost rent, and our objective is to maximize rent collection.
  • Many of our properties are leasing prior to the current tenant moving out so there is no vacancy.
  • Keeping repair costs as low as reasonably possible is important to our bottom line and yours.
  • We get special pricing from vendors because of the volume of business we offer and our reputation in the market.
  • We have our own full-time crews as well as licensed contractors to call on when needed.
  • Records, receipts, and documents are all kept electronically and easily accessible at all times to make for an efficient and smooth operation.
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